Work Experience :



Larian Studios / Divinity Origanal Sin 2

Block out/modeling from concepts or pictures, zbrush, baking, texturing



Inno Games / Elvenar

Modelling from concept, texturing



Proteus Empire

Ljubjana, Slovenia

Modeling, texturing, level building, lighting, optimization



Blue Lizard Games , Internship

Cumbayá, Ecuador

Modeling, Zbrush, texturing



Software Used :

• Autodesk 3ds Max
• ZBrush
• Photoshop
• Autodesk Maya (basic knowledge)
• 3D-Coat
• X-Normal, dDo, Knald
• UE4, Cry Engine, Unity, Marmoset,



Education :

• 2013 -2014 : Additional year in Video Games at ESIAJ (Namur/Belgium)
• 2009 -2013 : Bachelor's degree specialized in Video Games at ESIAJ (Namur/Belgium)
• 2009 : French Scientific Baccalaureat (Givet, France)


I speack :

French : Mother Tongue
English : Conversational


What to do in my free time... :

Sport, piano, art, books, games, photography, travel the world... Too much things to do, we need more time!